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 We have an extensive inventory of backline (musical instruments). We are constantly adding to our inventory to keep up with the newest models and meet the most demanding backline riders.

​​Guitar Heads and Combo Amps

(2) Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo Head

(4) Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Super Lead

(2) Marshall JCM 800

Marshal JCM 900 - 100W

(2)Marshall JCM 900 - 50W

Peavey EVH 5150

(4) Fender Hot Rod Deville 410

(2) Fender Hot Rod Deville 212

(2) Fender Blues Deville 410

(2) Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112

(2) Fender Deluxe Reverb 112

(2) Fender Super Reverb-Amp

(4) Fender Twin Reverb

(2) Fender Twin

(2) Fender Bassman 410

(3) Roland JC120

(5) Vox AC30 6/TB

Marlboro Sound Works G-20R

Fender Frontman 15G

(2) SWR California Blonde Acoustic amp

Fender Acoustisonic SFX2 Acoustic amp

Fender Blues Jr 112

(2) Mesa Boogie Lonestar 212



Guitar Speaker Cabinets​

(6) Marshall 1960A Straight 412

(3) Marshall 1960B Slant 412

(2) Mesa-Boogie Slant 412

Mesa Boogie Straight 412

Bass Amps 

(3) Ampeg SVT Classic

(2) Ampeg SVT-4 Pro

Ampeg B2R

(2) Aguilar DB71

Gallien-Kruger MB Fusion 5000

Gallien-Krueger 2001RB

Gallien-Krueger 1001RB-II

Gallien-Krueger 800RB

Gallien-Krueger 400RB

(2) Hartke HA7000

Eden Roadrunner WT-600

SWR SM-400

SWR SM-900

SWR 750X

SWR Working Man's 12 Combo

Bass Speaker Cabinets

(2) Ampeg SVT810e

Ampeg SVT810AV

(2) Ampeg SVT410

Ampeg 115

(2) Aguilar DB410

Aguilar DB115

(2) Eden 4x10 with tweeter

Hartke 115TP

Hartke 4x10

SWR 1x15 with tweeter

SWR 1x18 Big Ben

SWR Goliath II 4x10

SWR Goliath III 4x10 with tweeter

(2) Gallien-Krueger NEO 2x12

(2) Gallien-Krueger RBH410

Gallien-Krueger RBH115

Bass Combos 

(2) Ampeg BA-110

Ampeg BA-115

Gallien-Krueger MB112

Gallien-Krueger MB115

SWR Working Man's 12

Guitars, Bass, & Acoustic Instruments

Fender Stu Hamm Urge Bass

(2) Fender American Standard P-bass

Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass 5 String

(2) Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Fender American Standard Telecaster

(1) Gibson Les Paul Studio

Taylor 314ce Acoustic Electric

Taylor 210ce Acoustic Electric

Taylor 214cen Nylon String Acoustic Electric

Drum Kits

Pearl Masters Series Maple

-Silver Sparkle

-22x18” Kick Drum

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-14x14” Floor Tom

-16x16” Floor Tom


Pearl Masters Series Maple

-Gold Sparkle 

-20x18” Kick Drum

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-14x14” Floor Tom

-16x16” Floor Tom

DW Collector’s Series Maple

–Gold Glass

-22x18” Kick drum

-8x7” Rack Tom

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-14x12” Rack/Floor Tom

-16x13” Floor Tom

-18x16” Floor Tom


DW Collector’s Series Maple

–Red Oyster

-(2) 22x20” Kick drum

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-13x10” Rack Tom

-14x11” Rack/Floor Tom

-16x14” Floor Tom

-18x16” Floor Tom


DW Collector’s Series Maple

–Blue Oyster

-22x18" Kick drum

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-14x12” Floor Tom

-16x14” Floor Tom


DW Collector’s Series Maple

–Blue Sparkle

-22x18" Kick drum

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-14x12” Floor Tom

-16x14” Floor Tom ​


DW Collector’s Series Maple

–Satin Cherry

-22x18" Kick drum

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-14x11” Floor Tom


Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

–Piano Black

-24x18” Kick Drum

-(2) 22x18” Kick Drum

-18x14” Kick Drum

-8x8” Rack Tom

-10x9” Rack Tom

-12x10” Rack Tom

-13x11” Rack Tom

-14x12” Rack/Floor Tom

-16x14” Floor Tom

-18x16” Floor Tom


Yamaha Birch Custom Ablsolute

– Piano Black

-22x18” Kick Drum

-20x18” Kick Drum

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-14x12” Floor/Rack Tom

-16x14” Floor/Rack Tom


​Tama StarClassic Bubinga

– Crème

-22x18” Kick Drum

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-16x14” Floor Tom


Tama StarClassic Bubinga

– Red Sparkle

-22x18” Kick Drum

-10x8” Rack Tom

-12x9” Rack Tom

-16x14” Floor Tom


Pearl Masters Series Maple 14x6.5”

Pearl Chad Smith Signature Black Nickel 14x5”

Pearl Maple Piccolo 13x3”

Pearl Steel Piccolo 13x3”

DW Gold Glass Maple 14x5”

DW Red Oyster Maple 14x5”

DW Aluminum 14x5.5”

DW Performance Maple 14x6.5

Yamaha Maple Custom 14x5.5”

Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute 14x7”

Yamaha Recording Custom Maple 14x8”

Yamaha Recording Custom Steel 14x6.5”

Tama Metalworks Steel 14x6.5”

Tama Birch/Bubinga 14x7”

Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5”

Orange County Maple 13x7”

Gretsch Mark Schulman Signature Maple 13x6”


Drum Hardware

LP Giovanni Series Conga, Quinto, and Tumba

LP Performance Series Conga, Quinto,and Tumba

Gon Bops Conga and Tumba

(2) Sets Gon Bops Bongos

LP Matador Timbale 14 and 15”

Meinl Cajon

Remo Paulo Mattioli Signature Djembe

Roto Toms (set of 3)

(3) LP percussion tables with Racks

Gibraltar Percussion Table

Temple blocks

(3) LP Bar Chimes

Mounted Tambourines

Handheld Tambourines


Full selection of mountable toys

Full selection of cowbells




Bell Tree


Gajate Cowbell Bracket


Full Selection of top of the line double braced hardware to match our DW, Yamaha, Pearl, and Tama kits.


Zildjian A Custom

-8” Splash

-(2) 10” Splash

-12” Splash

-13” Hi Hats

-14” Mastersound Hi Hats

-15” Pitch Black Hi Hats

-15” Crash

-16” Crash

-17” Crash

-18” Crash

-18” China

-19” Crash

-20” Crash

-20” Ride

-20” Ping Ride

-22” Ride


Zildjian A

-(3) sets 14” New Beat Hi Hats

-14” Fast Crash

-15” Fast Crash

-16” Armand Medium Thin

-16” Fast Crash

-16” Thin

-18” Rock

-19” Thin

-20” Ping Ride w/Rivets


Ziljian K

-13” Hybrid Hi Hats

-16” Fast Crash

-16” Custom Special Dry

-17” China


Zildjian Other

-14” ZXT China

-16” China Boy Low

-16” Oriental China Trash

-16” ZHT China

-17” Z Custom Rock Crash

-19” Z Custom Projection Crash

-20” China Boy High

-22” Oriental China Trash


Sabian AAX

-10” O-Zone Splash

-13” Fusion Hi Hats

2-14” Stage Hi Hats

-16” Crash

-16” O-zone Crash

-17” Sabian Stage Crash 

-18” Stage Crash

-18” Dark Crash

-19" Stage Crash


Sabian AA

-14” Thin Crash

-16” Extra Thin Crash

-20” Medium Heavy Ride

-20” Rock Ride

Sabian Paragon

-14” Hi Hats

-19” China

-22” Ride



-14” Fast Crash

-14” Thin Crash

DJ Gear

Vestex PMC-07PRO

(4) Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3

(2) Pioneer CDJ-2000

(4) TechnicsSL-1200 MK2

Stanton Trackmaster II

Rane TTM56

Pioneer DJM-600

Pioneer DJM- 800

Rane TTM57SL

(3) Laptop Stands

Pioneer DDJ-SR 2ch DJ Controller
Pioneer DJM-900SRT DJ mixer
Rane SL4 Serato Box
Roland spd-sx with stand


Music Stands

Music Stand Lights

Boss TU-3 Tuner Pedals

A/B Selectors

Assorted Guitar Pedals

Boss FS-5L

Pick Holders

Keyboard Benches

Keyboard Stands

Keyboard Sustain and Expression Pedals


Drum Shields

Drum Thrones

Guitar Boats



Carpets and Oriental Rugs

Instrument, midi, speaker cables


Yamaha Motif XF8 88 Key 

Nord Electro 5D 73 Key 

Roland Ax-Synth Keytar

Roland GAIA SH-01 37key synth

Korg CX-3

Korg Kronos 61 key

Korg M3 73 key

Korg Trinity Plus 61 key

Korg Triton Pro 76 key

Korg Triton Extreme 88 key

Korg MS2000

Korg Prophecy

Korg Micro Korg

Kurzweil PC-88mx

Nord Electro II 61 key

Nord Stage EX 88 Key

Nord Stage 2 88key

Roland Fantom X6 61 key

Roland Fantom G7 76 key

Roland Fantom X8 88 key

Roland VK-8

(3) Roland XP-80

Roland JV-2080 rack unit

Roland RD-500 88 key

Roland RD-600 88 key

Roland RD 700GX 88 key

Yamaha XS Rack Unit

Yamaha XS6 61 Key

Yamaha ES6 61 Key

(2) Yamaha Motif ES7 76 key

(3) Yamaha Motif ES8 88 key

Yamaha S90es 88 key

Yamaha P-250 88 key

Yamaha CP300 88 key

Yamaha DX7S

(2) Axiom Pro 61 key

Roland A-37

Akai MPC 4000

Roland Juno G 61 Key

Roland SPDS with Stand

Roland SPD-SX with stand

Organs & Pianos

​(2) Fender Rhodes Suitcase

Wurlitzer Electric Piano

(2) Hammond B3 Organ w/bass pedals

(2) Leslie 122 cab

Leslie 147 cab

Trek II Preamp

Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

Hohner Clavinet D6

Keyboards Amps

Traynor K4Keymaster Amp

(2) Roland KC-550 Amp

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